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Stock Disposal

Are you a manufacturer with stock you are looking to dispose of? Do you have a cancelled export or domestic order that is causing you problems? Do you have short dated product that is giving you a headache? We are interested in all of the above! We can offer you a reliable, discreet route to market. We can buy in large quantities and we can take stock in right away if your problem stock is causing you logistical issues.

We have an established network of small, independent retailers where we can discreetly distribute problem stock without having an adverse effect on your high street presence. We will always work with our suppliers if there are any sensitive areas of the country where discounted stock would have a negative impact on your brand.

We understand that everyone can be affected by problem stock from time to time, and the negative impact that can have on balance sheets and your P&L reports. We are here to help and we aim to become your partner of choice when faced with such issues, building long term relationships that work for both parties.

Manufacturers, Importers & Distributors

We are also interested in speaking with manufacturers, importers and distributors of regular products to help us to expand and vary our current range, it’s always good to add to our range and be able to offer our customers something new.

We have a variety of payment options available, so pick up the phone or send us an email; we are always looking for a deal!

Telephone: 0191 4146262 and ask for Craig Delahaye or Ron Guidi.

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